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Internal Capital Works Project

Annually, Water PNG undertakes capital works program to further improve the delivery of its services to the people.

kokopo bore

Kokopo Water Supply Improvement - Bore 2 Fitout


The Kokopo Bore 2 is one of 7 bores assigned to the service of the Kokopo water supply system. it is the last remaining bore that needs to be constructed and commissioned. After the commissioning of Kokopo Bore 3 on the 30th of October 2014.


The project is located in Palnakaur village of, East New Britain Province, near the Vunabosco Technical High School.


Lae Tidal Basin

Lae Tidal Basin Pipeline Extension


The Lae Tidal Basin Extension Project is part of the impact project of the Government of PNG aimed at increasing the capacity of the Lae wharf. The key players in the project include China Harbour Engineering and IPBC. With regard to the availability of essential utilities such as water & sewerage, power and telecommunications IPBC is the driver of the project in dispensing of funds and ensuring this services are available.  



Nonga Water Supply Rehabiliation 


The Nonga – Tavui Pipeline Extension Project is part of the overall Nonga Water Supply Rehabilitative works. The project works aims at improving and expanding the water supply service to the existing and new users. It comprises the following three projects;Construction of 304KL reservoir tank, Development of a new Bore and Extension works to the Tavui area.



Ravens Bore Field Development


The development of Ravens bores was initiated back in 2008 to manipulate and make use of the large underground water quantity found beneath the secured Water PNG bore field at Ravens Estate, Alotau.

This development was instigated to address the water shortage problems encountered throughout Alotau town and its nearby surroundings. Two bores were drilled at Ravens and new pipeline layed to channel water to Goilanai reservoirs which will then feeds the middle town reservoir and finally reticulate around main Alotau town for consumers.