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Water PNG Limited is responsible for managing water supply and sanitation in the urban areas of PNG. Prior to its establishment the water sector was seriously fragmented resulting poor service delivery and no cost recovery. Following the successful passage of the National Water Supply and Sewerage Act in December 1986 Water PNG commenced operations on 1 January 1987 as The Waterboard.

The corporate governance framework and policy is formulated by the Board of Directors and Management Team in accordance with the functions stipulated in the National Water Supply and Sewerage Act  (NSWSS Act) and Government directives. 



 "We will achieve 100% coverage ofprovincial towns and 85% of all district towns progressing to the ultimate achievement of the PNG Vision 2050"




 “By 2018, we will expand our water supply and sanitation services to 2 additional provincial towns and 16 district towns in PNG ”





 "To be the leading provider of safe water supply and sanitation services in Papua New Guinea”



INTEGRITY​: We believe in absolute integrity in all dealings with our employees, clients, suppliers and stakeholders. We build and uphold good governance and corporate credibility.

TEAMWORK: We value teamwork and encourage collaborative culture, openly sharing information, knowledge and experiences that foster joint commitments to common goals.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We value our customers and stakeholders as key to our business growth. We therefore strive for excellence in our operations and service delivery, always ensuring we meet and exceed our customers’ expectations in order to maintain their continued loyalty and support.

CHANGE & INNOVATION:We recognise that change is constant and are therefore committed to continuous improvement and innovation, always ensuring that we inspire our people and our clients with creative solutions. We strive to be a catalyst for change to actively participate in the socio-economic growth of the nation.


  • To perform in accordance with industry benchmarks.
  • To ensure provision of safe and sustainable water and sanitation services on equitable basis.

  • To work and deliver services in line with national development priorities and objectives.

  • To ensure financial and commercial sustainability whilst at the same time meeting community service objectives.

  • To promote excellence in customer service always.

  • To be environmental conscious in all aspects of planning, construction and operations.

  • To promote a clean, safe, secure, peaceful and decent work environment for a harmonious and rewarding professional life .

  • To cultivate and promote a dynamic, healthy, competent, professional and progressive workforce to deliver on the organisation's role objective.


  • PNG First: In all we do, we will put our people and country interest first.

  • Think Globally, Act Locally: We will strive to adopt relevant international best practice, where practical to achieve our Corporate Goals.

  • Strength and Diversity: We will value diversity as our source of strength to forming a committed, cohesive and dynamic team.
    Ownership: We will take ownership of our actions and decisions and will make it happen.

  • Kina Wise: We will value money as a limited resource that needs to be spent wisely at all times.