Nonga Water Supply Rehabilitation

The Nonga – Tavui Pipeline Extension Project is part of the overall Nonga Water Supply Rehabilitative works. The project works aims at improving and expanding the water supply service to the existing and new users. It comprises the following three projects; Construction of 304KL reservoir tank, Development of a new Bore and Extension works to the Tavui area.

 The Nonga – Tavui Pipeline Extension Project comes in two phases. Phase 1 involves the construction of a 160mm Poly main at a total length of around 1300 metres. Also part of Phase 1 is the construction of Sub mains into the existing communities. Phase 2 involves the construction of a 110mm Poly main from where Phase 1 stops to the Submarine Base (End of the road).

The Project site is located in the Nonga and Tavui villages of Rabaul District, East New Britain Province.

The objective of the project is to construct a better distribution main using poly pipe to supply water to the identified users and to complement projects being undertaken by Water PNG for the surrounding areas.



The Backhoe commenced trenching using a 300mm wide bucket.


Preparing the ends of the two poly pipes for the electrofusion weld.