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                                   LAE TIDAL BASIN PIPE LINE EXTENSION (WATER & SEWER)



The Lae Tidal Basin Extension Project is part of the impact project of the Government of PNG aimed at increasing the capacity of the Lae wharf. The key players in the project include China Harbour Engineering and IPBC. With regard to the availability of essential utilities such as water & sewerage, power and telecommunications IPBC is the driver of the project in dispensing of funds and ensuring this services are available. 


The main objective of this project is to supply water and allow for discharge of sewer from the newly built wharf facility in Lae.

The project is located along Bumbu Road of the Lae Industrial Area (Lae Wharf).



Lae Tidal Basin2

Lae Tidal Basin3

 Water meter chamber excavation within Lae Tidal    Basin yard.

Excavation works along point of connection.

Lae Tidal Basin4.png

Lae Tidal Basin5.png.jpg

Water pipeline and sewerage conduit Layed.

Completed Water meter chamber.